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Brunello (CMC™) Menicucci - Strategie per crescere in modo sostenibile e profittevole

Hello Reza,
thanks for having accepted my invitation!
I'm a passionate of ToC; recently I discovered iTLS and have become simply "ephifanized"! You made an awesome work. Keep it up :)


Hello Russ,


I just wanted to write you and thank you for the work you’ve published in your book.  While I’m not a practitioner, leader, nor consultant of any CPI, I have had the pleasure and honor to be a student of a wide range of those that are.  I was pleased to discover iTLS and the various work folks like Robert Fox, Bruce Nelson, Bob Sproull, and you have done in the field of blending the use of TOC, Lean, and Six Sigma.  I found your case study to be very compelling and the BOK you provided a very useful tool to comprehend and convey the value of iTLS.  I look forward to following your work and future publications.  Thank you for your time.  Enjoy the day!




Kevin M. Reid
Sales Specialist, CI / BCS | PacNW
Hewlett Packard, Enterprise Group

Greg Butler

Global Quality Leader

GE Pressure Control



I received a leadership award this week and I wanted to let you know that when I reflected on how I got to this point in my career that your name and mentorship came to mind. I wouldn't be who I am today without the lessons I learned from you. Thank you for sharing your passion with me. 

Carlos Navarro

“I would like to comment you that I developed your model based in your book in a case study. I presented in a congress in Canada. I want to send the link that you can see the article. I´m very proud to make continue your thesis.”

Larry G.

"Hello Dr Pirasteh, 


I admire your work, and I often speak of you and your material with Martin Nazareth. I would like to make a direct connection. I would also like to mention an observation from one of your newer books.


Larry Graham, Six Sigma Quality Chair at Institute of Industrial Engineers"

James Anderson

Quality and Engineering Manager | Certified Black Belt


"I HIGHLY recommend these books as a must read! I purchased a digital copy last year and can't wait for my new paperback."

Pablo Lewin Briseño

“Dear Mr. Pirasteh, i've just finished your TLSO webinar. It was incredible. I did not know that TLSO have been put in practice so many years.


Me and my supervisor watched it along the apics article and in our case, the inventory policy is the constraint and that has cause terrible problems with high inventories of local vendor items (we're a pharmaceutical laboratory and cases are purchased to a local vendor that can work with 7 days of lead time but we insist in purchasing over 3 months for some items)...

We're going to analyze how to "sell the idea" as a pilot project to the Operations Director.”

Mickey Ellis

“… I work at Intel Corporation.  I have read your article, “Continuous Improvement Trio”, and was impressed with the results that you achieved…”

Michael J. Bolaños Davis

"I have read your magnificent article, Continuous Improvement Trio, published in the May 2006 edition of APICS magazine. I am intrigued by the results shown for TLS, especially when compared with those obtained for Lean and Six Sigma – a significant difference..”

Michael LoSapio, CPIM

“I read your article in the May 2006 edition of the APICS magazine with great interest. Thank you for sharing the results of this important study. I too am firmly convinced of the power of Theory of Constraints as a continuous improvement methodology, but have found resistance to this idea from the many practitioners of lean and six sigma.”

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