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March - April 2015

Industrial Management

pp 27-30


Change: The Only Constant


Change: The Only Constat

Apply principles to your change process is a solid path to transformation

The Association for Operations Managment®

March - April 2014

APICS feature Presentation Article in APICS

Full story; A Continuous Process Improvement Case Study,


Implementing iTLS

by, Celso Calia, Evandro

October 24th


Location:  ASQ Presentation

Dallas Section, Dallas, TX


Topic:  iTLS 7-Step Application for Quantum Leap in Profitability

June 26th


Location:  St. Mary's University

San Antonio, TX


Topic:  iTLS Research and Application

Lecture for Application Lecture for MSIE


June 27th


Location:  Webinar-IIE


Topic:  Which Continuous Improvement Methodology to Choose?

May 2nd - 4th


Location:  CPI Symposium - Weber University, Utah


Topic:  iTLS Research

             iTLS Application & Case Results