Corporate Coaching - Process Improvements 

Managing Risks - Profitability Improvements

Strategies and Skills for a more Productive & Efficient Organization Through Application of the iTLS Methodology.

Training and Development
Profitabilty Improvement

Increase Production, Improve Quality, Profitability, Reduce Delivery Cycle Times with a Logic-Driven and Systemic Approach  

Training & Developing
  •  Facts:

    • "Gallop poll reported:

      • Only 11% of surveyed employees said they were strongly engaged at work

      • Only 6% of American workers love their jobs."

      • 7 out of 10 American workers are either "checked out" or actively disengaged.


How can we help?

  • Managing Risks

  • Managing Process Variability

  • Eliminate Process Waste 

  • Certified Integrated TOC, Lean, Six Sigma Specialist training  (iTLSS)

      - 40 hour course at client                 selected location(s)

  • Executive training for implementation of iTLS

  • Champions training for leading iTLS project management office

  • Certified Integrated TOC, Lean, Six Sigma Expert training (iTLSE)

       - 160 hour course at client               selected location(s)

  • Create and lead the culture for profitabilily and operations excellence

Coaching & Project Management
Eliminate Waist, Simplifying Complex Processes, Reduce Implementation Cycle TImes, Increase Throughput, Minimize Risks, Optimize Profitability
Coaching & Project Managment
  • Facts:

    • 68% of projects fail

    • 85% of projects are over-budget

    • Companies can get 25% more proejcts completed. Why don't they?

    • 90% of all start-ups fail within the first 10 years and most companies never reach their full potential.


How can we help?

  • We Guide project teams to optimize returns on investment, cost saving, and improvements in design, manufacturing, quality assurance and control, design of experiments, sales and marketing, Inventory Management, Transportation and Logistics, supply chain management, procurement, transactional environments, services, program management, maintenance, and health care systems.

Client Continuous Improvement Project
  • Feasibility Assessment

  • Project Management and coaching from end-to-end (from inception of improvement discovery and opportunity to results achievements)

Supply Chain Management
Risk Management

Set up / Start-Up Supply Chain - Manage & Control Supply Chain - From Qualification to Operations

Supply Chain Management
Risk Management
  • Facts

    • APICS report:

      • 85% of companies reported at least one supply chain disruption in the last 12 months (62 courntries participated in the survey).

      • 52% of businesses plan to increase overseas activity this year

      • 27% expect to increase overseas travel, and introduce new products in foreign markets

      • 26% plan to increase their employee headcount abroad


How can we help?

  • Design, manage, implement end-to-end supply chain solutions domestic and internationally for robust performance

  • Match the Voice Of the Customer (VOC), with the Voice Of Process (VOP) to fully satisfy customer expectations and requirements and organizational profitabiliy